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Stop A/C Unit Thefts with an Alarm:

 The Copper COP is a Highly Effective alarm that detects unauthorized entry into an A/C unit. It serves as an inexpensive security device that helps prevent theft and vandalism of A/C Units.  

There are three major threats when it comes to A/C Units.

1) The Theft of just the copper that is inside the unit. (If this happens, you can expect to replace the ENTIRE unit)

2) The Theft of the entire unit. (Again, you will be relacing the entire unit)

3) In some cases the thieves will steal the copper from a unit, then wait for the victim to replace the unit with a brand new unit and then steal the entire new system.  (This time you will be replacing the ENTIRE unit TWICE)
To address these threats, the Copper COP has multiple tamper clips that are designed to detect an attempt to access or steal the unit.


All of the threats have a couple of things in common.  Usually the Criminals will cut the power to the unit as well as remove or cut service panels to access the copper or mounting bolts.

1) To cut the power to the Air Conditioning Unit. The theif will either open the Cut Off box and pull the fuses or simply flip the arm to the off position.

Answer: A tamper clip is secured to the A/C Unit’s Cut Off (Ciruit breaker) Box.  It detects if a thief has opened or switched the box to the off position. If this happens, Copper COP is activated.

2) To get into an Air Conditioning Unit a criminal will either remove several screws to open the lid or cut the corners off of the unit.

Answer: The CopperCOP has several tamper clips that are clipped to the screws that secure the lid as well as to the access panels of the A/C Unit. In the event the screws are loosened, or if the Copper Cop's Cord is cut, the Copper COP will activate.

What happens?

When activated, the “Stand Alone” versions this will cause the high volume siren to sound. This siren will sound for 1 minute and then reset its self. If the threat still exists it will sound continue to sound. It will only stop when it is either DISARMED, Destroyed or the Batteries die.

The intent is to scare the thief away before he is able to cause any serious damage to the unit. The Stand Alone version includes a wireless controller to arm/disarm the system.

On the “Monitored” Versions and activation will send a signal to the alarm system. (You can discuss with your alarm company how you want your alarm system to react.) Normally, it will then sound the alarm systems main siren as well as send a burglary in progress signal to your central station, which can then dispatch the police.

• Warning Stickers act as a deterrent.
• Weather resistant Hardened plastic housing.
• Unit is completely self-contained. (The Stand Alone Version)
• Easy to install. The Stand Alone Version. (The Monitored Version Requires Professional Installation)
• Compact design 5.5” x 3.25” and 1.875 in. deep.
• Recommended operating temperature 32ºF to 120ºF (0ºC to 49ºC).
• Battery Life is estimated at about 1 year. (6 Months in Extreme Weather Conditions)
• STAND ALONE, Do-it-Yourself Units ONLY $199. Each.
• MONITORED Version: Residential $199, Commercial $249 Plus the Cost of an Alarm System (starts at $99+ monitoring) All of the CopperCOP Systems can be Upgraded to be monitored by connecting them to a Monitored Home or Business’s Alarm System. (This Version Requires Professional Installation by a Licensed Alarm Company)




As with any electronic protection device the can only be designed to help protect the property. and/or the installing dealer can not guarantee that the device can not be defeated. We do warranty the product for a period of 90 days from the purchase date against workmanship and manufacturing defects. This warranty in no way guarantees that the unit will stop or detect vandalism or theft of the unit. The Copper Cop has been design with the intent to help stop these things, however we can not guarantee it will stop them. Before having Copper Cop installed it is recommended that you consult you’re A/C Warranty guidelines. Some Manufactures have strict guidelines as it pertains to their warranty and modification of the unit may void the warranty. DO NOT INSTALL unless you have verified the Copper Cop will NOT effect your warranty on you’re A/C Unit. We assume no responsibility if the unit is stolen, vandalized or if the copper cop voids the warranty.